Friday, February 18, 2011

Banana Ice Cream

This yummy dessert is actually good for you! You can even give it to your kids for breakfast and not feel guilty about it! :)

Banana Ice Cream

ripe bananas

Peel and cube bananas. Freeze in a single layer in a Ziploc bag. When bananas are frozen, puree them in a food processor until crumbly. Stir until creamy and enjoy!

You can add pretty much anything to this. Our favorite is pureed with fresh strawberries, a little bit of Nutella, some crushed pineapple a few peanuts, and you've got a healthy banana split! :)

Mr. Picky likes it best pureed with a splash of milk, and chocolate chips.

Little Chef likes it pureed with a few bottled peaches (from his great grandma's peach tree!)

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  1. That sounds nummy, and I love the fact that it is a healthy treat!