Friday, November 12, 2010

Food Blogs

Hey all! I have participated in another food blog and I highly recommend checking that one out too - there are some awesome recipes! The address is:

I have a couple of cousins who have their own food blogs that I would recommend following as well:

I have transferred some of my recipes to this blog from mytastebuddies - so if you see duplicates that is why. I just wanted to show you how to label the posts so we don't have a huge list on the side bar. (I hope this all makes sense).


  1. Thanks for the links and the recipes! One thing I like about the way we're linking the recipes is that they are alphabetized. That's why I was asking about the tabs at the top of the blog. I'll do some more thinking on it, and maybe I'll have to crack down and ask the Hubs.

    What about the introductions? Do you guys think I need to make them, or do you all know eachother?

  2. Who is all participating in this blog? I am not sure if I know everyone or not.