Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rainbow Cookies

For the recipe: Click the above link.

I found these on a blog I sometimes follow. They were really fun! The dough wasn't the best tasting (although it was alright) and I wonder if this would work with any dough. I may get brave and try it with our favorite sugar cookie recipe.

We chilled our dough after adding the food coloring (waiting for Daddy to come home and participate) and it worked well that way. Just wrapped each ball in plastic wrap.

I was impressed that the food coloring didn't come off on our hands. Also, in the recipe, Jamie says (I say that like I know her. I don't. :) ) she used baggies to knead the color in. I tried baggies, but that wasn't really working for me, so I used latex gloves. Those worked like a charm! I just had to run water over them to get the color off between each color.

Enjoy! Let me know what you think or if you try it with any other dough! :)

***UPDATE: In the original post of the recipe, she had Baking SODA in the list and Baking POWDER listed in the instructions, so I left her a comment asking her which one she used. Then, because I'm an impatient person (it's a curse), I went online and looked up other rainbow cookie recipes. They all use Soda. So that's what I used. THEN tonight I checked back and Jamie uses Baking POWDER. That may be why they tasted a little off. SO~we may have to retry them...

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